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Spacious Yoga Halls in the quietness of Indian Yoga Ashram


If you are learning yoga for passion, or either looking to complete a Yoga Teacher Training Course, the most important factor that affects your choice is the Yoga Hall of Yoga School. As the Yoga poses or asana can only be learned with perfection inside a yoga hall. For beginner level students, it is a place to start the yogic journey. However, for intermediate level students, it helps in eradicating the smallest flaws in their style. Moreover, the yoga hall must be instituted in the stillness so that aspirant yogis can understand what their yoga teacher is trying to convey.

Indian Yoga Ashram is not just an ordinary yoga school in Rishikesh, but it is actually a Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh built in the traditional form in the quietness of Rishikesh. So, we focused on building a spacious yoga hall for our students so that they can practice yoga asana freely. Our main yoga hall in Rishikesh can include more than 40 yoga students at one time without hindering the space of others. Apart from this, we are also having three small yoga halls that can have 20 to 30 yoga students in a single batch of Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Our Sun kissed Yoga hall also renders the perfect natural view to make you fall in love with the art of yoga. From big glass windows, you can relish the mesmerizing ambiance of our yoga school. Also, the sun rays kissing your body inside our yoga hall energizes your body for the yoga practice sessions. Our yoga hall is situated in such calmness that a beginner level yogi can hear the sound of their moving bones while practicing yoga for the first time. Indian Yoga Ashram done all possible efforts to take you to 5000 years back to feel the authentic art of yoga.

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