Food and Accommodation

Sattvic Diet Amid Nature Always Activates Our Energy Cells

For a yogi, a sattvic diet is always necessary. Moreover, if you having your sattvic diet in the human untouched place, then the benefits of your food enhance. Keeping this factor in mind, Indian Yoga Ashram emphasis on the yogic diet. All food items served inside our school premises prepared on-site. The vegetables and fruits used in our food are fresh and organic. We do not compromise on the quality of our food. As we understand that for a healthy body and mind, healthy food is essential. Moreover, it is a fact that you will not be able to soak the utmost benefits of yoga until you are having a healthy and sattvic diet. We have to understand that food plays an important role in our yogic practices. The reason why a Sattvic diet is crucial in learning yoga is that it helps in keeping us away from false desires.

Like our yoga school, our Dining area is also located in the lap of nature. More than 200 students can eat at the same time in our dining hall. Our dining area is very calm and compose so that upcoming yogis can eat their food while soaking the benefits. Also for self- preparation of food, we are also giving our yogis the option to made coffee, tea, and other food items by themselves in the cafeteria section. In our cafeteria, you can quest for a coffee and tea machine, hot water kettle, and small food items making electrical equipment.

In our dining area, you can see a perfect blend of the traditional and modern style of dining facilities. Yoga students can take their food by sitting on the grounds or on the chair and tables also. The yoga school management focuses on the cleanliness of the dining and cooking area. A specific place for your plates, glasses, and spoons is made inside the dining area from where you can take your plate. Our staff will serve you the food just like a buffet system. You can relish the mouthwatering food in the calmness of our Yoga school. Inside our dining area, we had made separate sections. You can eat in traditional Indian style by sitting on the ground, or you can opt for eating on a chair and table. Moreover, a place with a sunroof is also built so that you can even connect to nature while eating.

Before entering, you can locate a board on the wall of dining area. On that board, you can find the rules of the dining area. It is recommended that a person must follow the rules written on the board. Also, for the self-making of food, you can find a cafeteria inside the dining premises that will help you to make beverages and food stuff on your own. The delicious and healthy sattvic food is one of the key factors in choosing Indian Yoga Ashram for your Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

Sound Sleep in the Lap of Nature

The accommodation is one of the major factors that help in choosing the best Yoga Teacher Training Course. As yoga students always want a calm and natural environment to live in during the YTTC program. Moreover, for a yoga school, the comfort of yoga students must be on top priority. A sound sleep after the heavy mental and physical workout is always mandatory.

So, Indian Yoga Ashram as the best Yoga School in Rishikesh focuses on the accommodation facilities. Our residential campus is located within the natural beauty of Rishikesh. Unlike another yoga school in Rishikesh, we built our residential campus in the most serene place of Rishikesh. Also, our students can relish the mesmerizing beauty of Rajaji National Park from the windows of their rooms.

Our accommodation facility is a perfect blend of traditional and modern facilities that renders the touch of authentic yoga ashrams with modern amenities. Our residential premises are having an option of choosing private rooms or double or triple sharing rooms for your YTTC program. Our residential area can have over 200 students at once.

Thus, our yoga school in Rishikesh is the largest in terms of student's capacity also. However, being the largest doesn't mean that we compromise on our quality of teaching and calmness. Students living in our yoga school have to maintain silence inside the school and residential premises.

Striking Features of our Accommodation Facilities

  • » The beds for our yoga school are naturally made from marble fitted with English style washrooms.
  • » We fabricated our room in such a way that it imparts the touch of a conventional yoga ashram fitted with all modern facilities inside.
  • » In the room, you can find a spacious Almirah for keeping your belongings the same. In case of sharing rooms, we have separate Almirah to safeguard your belonging
  • » AC fitted rooms are also available.
  • » Inside each room, there is a specific place for reading books with a naturally crafted window in front of it along with a separate chair.
  • » From the window, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of Rajaji National Park. Even Peacocks, Deer, and Elephants can be spotted from your window.
  • » Naturalistic view of a residential complex with the tree and ground in the middle of apartments.
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