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Deepen your Yoga Learning in our Calm & Spacious Library


If you want to deepen your knowledge in any field, you have to go in-depth about the topic that you are covering. For that, a spacious and noiseless environment is required. Also, for understanding the concepts of yoga from its roots during your Yoga Teacher Training Course, you also need to study the concepts of yoga and class learning in the calm environment of the Yoga library. Understanding this, Indian Yoga Ashram had built the largest Yoga Library in Rishikesh where you can literally hear the sound of your breaths too. While building the Library section, we emphasize two major things. One is calmness and the other is proper space.

Unlike other Yoga School in Rishikesh, where the Library finishes in one single room, we are having a spacious Library hall. Also, you can quest for a book relevant to yoga written by renowned Yogis. In addition to this, we also created small meditation rooms inside our library and a gallery depicting the finest work of renowned yoga teachers of the world. Also, by following the concept of Shantiniketan, we offer beautiful places under the lush green trees for your study. This creates an ample opportunity for our yoga students to get connected with nature while going through their books.

A pin-drop silence is always maintained inside the lIbrary hall. It is done for the person who wants to go deeper inside the ocean of yoga learning can actually do the same during the Yoga TTC in Rishikesh. Also, to make your brain and mind energized while reading, we provide a proper ventilation space inside our yoga hall. Our Yoga Library is designed in such a way that during the daytime you don't even need artificial light for your study. The Sunlight spreads in each and every corner of the Library hall in the perfect manner.

As a book lover, you will surely be amazed after step inside our Library hall!!!

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