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Yoga is the art of connecting with nature and nature without animals cannot be imagined. Moreover, the cow is an integral part of Indian culture and traditions. We considered the cow to be Mother, as she provides milk that is used in various food items in India. Also, cow dung can be widely used for making cooking fuels and saving energy. Thus, Indian Yoga School is also having a Gaushala (Cowshed) inside the campus. In our Gaushala there are more than 100 cows. Moreover, cows here are from Gir and you will be amazed to know that the milk from these cows is sold at a price of 160 rupees per liter. However, we do not sell the milk cows to anyone. Rather we use it in making the food items for our yoga school.

Thus, you can determine the level of purity of our yoga school. Unlike other yoga schools in Rishikesh that brings milk from outside, we provide our students with the milk from the most selected cows of India. So, the purity and taste you will get in our yoga school are incomparable. We made curd, buttermilk, and other food items from the milk of the Cow from Gir, Gujarat inside our campus. The thinking behind installing a Gaushala inside the campus is that we can make you feel like the Authentic Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh.

All the food items created from cow milk are used for our yoga students and staff only. Moreover, we use cow dung for creating fuel with the help of a biogas plant installed on our premises. Thus, we are making proper use of Gaushala in making a healthy and tastier food along with reducing the electricity burden from society.

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