Yoga for beginners

If you don’t live under a rock, you have probably heard about yoga. Initially, yoga was founded in India but now it is widely recognised all over the world. In fact, people from developed countries such as USA, Russia, Germany or even underdeveloped countries from middle eastern come all the way to Rishikesh (The yoga capital of the world) to excel in not only the asanas but the yogic lifestyle. Yoga is now adopted by many individuals that come from various different backgrounds and beliefs. One would even say that yoga has brought all these different people together and given them a common ground where everyone is accepted and cherished.

From better mental health to a better flexibility, yoga has done it all. Many yogis are often questioned by non-yoga practitioners as to how should they begin their own practice. So many teachers have witnessed curious students wanting to learn yoga but having no idea where to begin. This can be a common problem since yoga is not only a form of exercise but A lifestyle on its own. We compiled some of the Basic yoga flows/asanas that a beginner could do.

1.Sun Salutation: The sun salutation is one of the most famous yogic flow that is practised worldwide. The sun salutation consist of 12 different asanas that make up one flow. The 12 asanas are: Tadasana – urdhva hastasana – padhastasana-aswasanchalanasana-parvatasana- astangnamaskarasana-bhujangasana- parvatasana -aswasanchalanasana-padhastasana- urdha hastasana-tadasana.

2.Warrior Flow: A dynamic vinyasa flow that consists of several variations of the warrior pose which are all combined into one beatiful flow that allows you to build strength, flexibility and balance. The asanas in the salutation includes veerbhadrasana A,B,C viprit veerbhadrasana , badha veerbhadrasana.

3.Moon Salutation: A perfect flow to end your day. This low-impact flow will prepare your body for rest and calm you down. It consists of several hip opening postures And by the end of this floor you will remain calm and asanas would have done that work on your nervous system.

At the end of the day there are a lot of asanas that a beginner could do depending on what they are capable of but it’s important for you to start the journey of yoga from somewhere or the other. We welcome several of beginners as well as advance trainers in our school based in Rishikesh, Indian Yoga Ashram so take your first step towards your new journey. 

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