What is Benefits of Pranayama or Health Benefits of Pranayama?

Pranayama is a yogic practice of conscious breathing which helps us regulate, manipulate and control our breathing pattern.

A conscious breathing pattern and different techniques of breathing known as pranayama techniques e.g. Nadishodhana,  ujjayi, bhastrikaetc, helps work on different system of body and could really promote health and wellness.

Researches have been providing sufficient proofs that how beneficial pranayama is

Daily practice of yogic breathing especially done slowly which is primary step of learning theregulation of breath that contains abdominal,  chest and shoulder breathing has shown the positive influence on nervous system by calming it down , it has helped drop the blood pressure and stimulate parasympathetic nervous system which is vital for good digestion, high immunity, relaxed mind and what not.

Pranayama has helped people improve their lungs function by enhancing the lung capacity with the help of deep breathing.

Abdominal breathing using diaphragm the muscle of inhalation helps massage internal organs by pressurizing the intestine, stomach and colon that promotes digestion, absorption and defecation.

Surya bhedi pranayama (right nostril breathing) is helpful in generating the heat in body and helps maintain the temperature of body and keeps body rejuvenated.

Chandra bhedipranayama ( left nostril breathing) helps calm the mind down drops the high temperature,  increases the memory and will power.

Breathing technique like Kapalabhati and bhastrika could be helpful in weight loss and could be helpful for balancing the acid-base level in body by getting rid of excessive acid.

Pranayama is one of the best practices for anyone that could be helping one bring harmony between body and mind if done correctly.

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