How to Do Nadishodhan Pranayama?

Nadishodhan is the breathing exercise in yoga that is a type of pranayama which means to purify and cleans energy channels(nadis) where vital force of the body flows,nadishodhana pranayama balances the ida and pingalanadi and makes the pranic flow into subhumnanadi , it is also translated as alternative nostril breathing.

To practice this pranayama one should sit in a comfortable posture e.g. sukhasana,use a chair basically to keep the spine in erect position, place the palms on knees and allow whole body to relax thoroughly, take a moment to calm down your breath and  keep your breathing fromthe perineum all the way to shoulder without forcing

Now perform vishnu mudra by folding right hands index and middle finger at the base of the thumb or keep the index and middle finger at the forehead between eyebrows while the left hand remains on the left knee in chin mudra or gyana mudra

Block the right nostril with right hand thumb and inhale from left nostril  and hold the breath

Switch the nostril block the left nostril and exhale from right nostril and hold the breath

Inhale from the right nostril and exhale from left nostril

This is one round now repeat this for as long as you want 10 minutes or more even for an hour one could practice

Make sure you switch the nostril after inhalation and inhale from the same nostril that you exhale from.


Most frequent questions and answers

Nadishodhan pranayama is a breathing technique that is said to be doing cleansing and purification to the subtle channels into the bodynadisthat carry prana the vital force.

Nadishodhan pranayama is practiced to balance the ida the moon energy and the pingla sun energy into the body so the flow of prana could be in the major nadisushumna which leads to kundalini awakening and ultimately to chakra opening,  as per the hatha yoga text.

At physical level Nadishodhan pranayama could really help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic activities and could help body be energized but calm at the same time.

Anulomvilom is a breathing technique that allows is to breath through both nostrils alternatively and can be known as preparation for nadishodhan pranayama

Nadishodhan pranayama is done with retention especially after inhalation or could also be practiced with retention every time you inhale and exhale.

Nadishodhan pranayama is done with breathing calmly through both nostrils alternatively that leads to equal flow of breath into each nostril, as left nostril breathing is calming,  soothing, cooling and activates the parasympathetic nervous system on the other hand right nostril breathing is heating, energizing and activates the sympathetic nervous system, practice of Nadishodhan could lead to balance of both the opposite states of body and mind which will lead to overall balance

Nadishodhapranayam is very powerful breathing in terms of bringing calmness but energy at the same time , fundamentally at physical and physiological level it balances the rest & Digest and fight & flight states and it is good for one to be in such state for a good period of time that could also allow a practitioner to be in a meditative state which is very much required in today’s hectic lifestyle,  one could practice it for as long as one wants to start with 10 to 20 mins daily and try doing an hour a day or even longer.

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