Yoga School in Rishikesh Nested in the Lap of Nature

Yoga is the art of finding yourself that was lost in the busyness of the modern lifestyle. To find it you have to detach yourself from the modern world. As in between the noisy and polluted atmosphere of cities, it is impossible to talk with yourself. However, yoga is the perfect path to attach yourself to your soul. Still, a calm and natural environment is always required to soak in the ultimate benefits of yoga. So, unlike other yoga schools in Rishikesh that is situated in the busy streets of Rishikesh, Indian Yoga Ashram provide a naturalistic and serene environment for efficient yoga learning. The way trees welcome you after entering our yoga school is always mesmerizing. The naturally crafted gateway of lush green tress always fascinates the aspirant's yogis towards our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. You can feel a changeover from an artificial to inartificial environment after entering our yoga school. The lush green surroundings situated in the calmness of Rishikesh always provides the best place for yoga learning and finding yourself.

Away from the honking of vehicles and noise of cities, our yoga school gives you ample opportunity to talk with yourself. You can take a rest and sit under the shades of trees to memorize your faulty acts done till now. You can read books or meditate under the calmness and coolness of trees. Enjoying a bonfire against the chilly winds of the night is always an exciting feeling. The level of calmness can be determined by the fact that you can hear the melodious sound of sparrows that is implausible to hear in cities.

We try to build Indian Yoga Ashram in such a way that in every corner of the school, you can feel like you are in the authentic yoga school in Rishikesh. From Yoga Halls to accommodation and dining facilities, we impart a naturalistic environment everywhere. Our yoga and meditation halls are built in such a way that it should absorb the energy of sunlight in a spanking manner.

"The presence of the popular Rajaji National Park around our yoga school makes the ambiance more beautiful. You can easily spot the deer, peacocks, and elephants from the rooftop of our school."