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100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

  in Rishikesh             By Indian Yoga Ashram

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course


399 USD

19,000/- INR (For Indian Students)

Course Details : -

12 Days Accommodation

For Beginner

Satvic Food

Free Yoga Kit

Sunday Excursion

Certificate by Yoga Allience

Indian Yoga Ashram

Outdoor Yoga

Ayurvedic Massage


Sound Healing


100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India - Indian Yoga Ashram offers Multi-Style (Ashtanga/ Vinyasa Flow / Hatha Yoga) 100 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course and 100 Hour Offline Yoga Teacher Training Course is perfect for beginner-level yoga students. Registered with Yoga Alliance USA. Contact Us Today. A person who wants to learn the basics and skills of yoga can join the 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program. If you are looking to connect with the art of yoga and spirituality, you should join our yoga TTC. Yoga helps in the unification of the soul and mind with the body. This can be done only by detachment of the mind and soul from the outer world. Moreover, the path of spirituality helps in multi-folding the benefits of yogic practices. It helps in making an easier path for the yogic career. So, the Yoga Teacher Training Course is all about soaking the benefits of yoga with the spiritual path. It is a 14 days Yoga Teacher Training Program that can be done to kick start your yogic career. Although with the 100 Hours Yoga certification program you are not eligible as a yoga teacher, still after completing the 100 Yoga teaching program twice, you are eligible to teach yoga in any corner of the world.

The 100 YTTC Program is for people who are unable to complete their 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh due to a shortage of time. The person can join 100 Hours Yoga TTC twice to complete the yoga teaching certification. This yoga course helps in learning the basics and concepts of yoga. Moreover, the practice of yoga asana is done under the guidance of experienced and qualified yoga teachers of our school. The course includes Meditation, Methodology of yoga, Yoga Philosophy & Anatomy, Pranayama, and correction of yoga postures.

Our 100 Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

Our 100 Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh emphasis on the learning and practicing of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga Yoga. This beginner-level yoga teaching program in Rishikesh helps in building a strong fabricating of yoga knowledge. We had bifurcated our yoga program into practical and theoretical sections. Yoga learning at Indian Yoga Ashram is a perfect amalgam of Yoga study with spirituality that helps in building self-confidence and deepens your yoga knowledge. Our yoga classes render the learning of yoga asana, pranayama, mantras, and meditation with the spiritual essence. Our certified and experienced yoga teacher helps in understanding the basics of Yoga and its asana.

Salient Features

  •   Yoga Learning in the tranquil and naturalistic environment of Rishikesh.
  •   Practising Yoga Asana, Mudras, Yog Kriyas, Dhyana, Mudras, and Pranayama.
  •   Making you aware of the use of yoga in daily life.
  •   Developing proficiency in Yoga Learning.
  •   Specially built in the style of Authentic and Traditional Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh.
  •   Experienced and Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teachers.
  •   Spacious, neat, and clean yoga halls.
  •   Space for self-reading in the lap of nature.
  •   Sattvic, vegan, and fresh yogic food.
  •   Special Meditation Hall.
  •   For Self Observation.
  •   Library full of ancient yogic & Mythology text.

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to yoga & yoga philosophy
  2. its philosophy and evolution
  3. Introduction to Hatha yoga
  4. Nadis ( Ida Pingala& Sushumna)
  5. Chakras the energy channels
  6. Explanation to Hatha yoga limbs( Shatkarma, Asana< Pranayama etc.)
  7. Introduction to Yoga Philosophy(Yog Darshan)
  8. Eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga
  1. Body Movement & Planes
  2. Joints and How to Protect them in Asanas
  3. Anatomy and Physiology of Muscles
  4. Anatomy and Physiology of Ankle
  5. Anatomy and Physiology of Knee
  6. Anatomy and Physiology of Hip
  7. Anatomy and Physiology of Spine
  8. Workshop on different Asanas
  9. Physiology of Muscles
  10. Food & Digestive System
  1. Pawanmuktasana series A
  2. Surya Namaskar ( Hatha)
  3. Virbhadrasana A & B
  4. Utthita Trikona asana
  5. Parvakonasana
  6. Parivritta parsvakonasana
  7. parsvaottanasana

Sitting Postures

  1. Bhardwaj asana
  2. Merudanda vakrasana
  3. Ardha matsendrasana
  4. Ardha ustrasana
  5. Bhujangasana
  6. Ardha salbasana
  7. Paschimottasana
  8. Janusirsasana
  9. purvottansana
  10. pawan muktasana series B
  11. pawan muktasana C / A
  12. Surya namaskar B
  13. Trikonasana
  14. Parsvakonasana
  15. Virbhadrasana A
  16. Virbhadrasana B
  17. Ardha chandrasana
  18. Virbhadrasana
  19. Natrajasana
  20. Vriksasana

Sitting postures

  1. Marichyasana A
  2. Marichyasana B
  3. Marichyasana C

Back bending postures

  1. Ustrasana
  2. Rajkapottasana
  3. Dhanurasana
  4. Chakrasana
  5. Setubandhasana

Forward fold

  1. Paschimottanasana
  2. Janu sirsasana
  3. Triangmukha ekapada paschimotanasana
  4. Gatyamal paschimotanasana
  5. purvottanasana


  1. sarvagasana
  2. core exercises
  1. Sun salutation A 
  2. Sun salutation B 
  3. Standing sequence postures

1st week- introduction to Ashtanga yoga followed by Sun salutation A & B. 
2nd week - Standing sequence postures & use of yoga props.

  1. Introduction of Pranayama
  2. Benefits of pranayama
  3. General guidelines
  4. Clavicular Breathing
  5. Thorocic Breathinga
  6. Diaphragmatic Breathing
  7. Yogic Breathing
  8. Ujjayi
  9. Bhastrika
  10. Kapalbhati
  11. Nadi Sodhana
  1. Om Asato Maa Sadgamaya (Mantra from Upanishad)
  2. Tvameva mata ca pita Tvameva (Sloka on gods)
  3. Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Gurudevo maheshwara ( Guru stotram)
  4. Swasti Prajabhyay(Ashtanga closing mantra)
  1. Jalaneti
  2. Eye-cleansing
  3. Kapalbhati- cleansing the lungs
  1. Introduction to Meditation
  2. Breathing Awareness Meditation
  3. Om / Mantra Meditation
  4. Trataka
  5. Dynamic meditation
  6. Yog Nidra
  7. Kirtan Meditation
  1. Asana Practical Test
  2. Attendance
  3. Performance
  4. Behaviour
  1. Sound healing
  2. Keertan session

Note 100 hour TTC is more about exploring the yogic basic fundamentals , teaching methods are taught in 3rd and 4th week in 2nd half of 200 hour course.

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Course Schedule

  05:00 AM - Morning Bell

  06:00 To 07:00 AM - Shatkarma & Pranayama

  07:00 To 08:30 AM - Vinyasa flow Yoga

  08:30 To 09:30 AM - Breakfast

  09:30 To 10:30 AM - Yoga Philosophy

  10:45 To 11:45 AM - Yoga Anatomy

  12:00 To 01:00 PM - Alingment & Adjustment

  01:00 To 02:00 PM - Lunch

  04:00 T0 05:30 PM - Ashtanga Yoga

  06:00 To 07:00 PM - Meditation

  07:00 To 08:00 PM - Dinner

  10:00 PM - Lights off

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Excursion

What is included in the Course Fees ?

12 nights shared Accommodation
Free Pickup From Dehradun Airport
3 Times daily nutritious vegetarian meals and herbal tea
1 ayurvedic Massage
Cleansing Kit, Training Mannuals
Full support during your stay at the ashram and help provided 24/7
Thuoretical and practical skills
Wifi access room
Weekend excursions
Study material
Kirtan Night, Movie Night
Water Bottel,Toilet Paper and fruits are Provided on arrival of School

What is not included in the Course Fees ?

Air fare
Private Accommodation- 99 USD Extra.
Private Accommodation for Indian Students- 5000 INR Extra.
Room Heater - 50 USD Extra
Air-conditioner- 50 USD Extra.

"In truth yoga does not take
time, it gives time "

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